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Bathing & Dressing Support 

Whether it is help with buttons that are a bit harder than usual, or injury or illness limiting a client’s ability to independently shower or bathe, AYSHC assistants have the training to provide the level of care and safety necessary.

Our client’s needs are taken into consideration when choosing the right assistant to ensure that each client’s care is handled by assistants with the certification and training requirements as well as to make the client feel as comfortable as possible.     

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Medicine and Health Monitoring 

Whether making sure you loved one takes their medicines or monitors their health, we understand the vital importance of keeping on top of health matters.   Many of our clients need regular checks of blood pressure or blood sugar and our assistants, many who are CNAs are trained in the proper technique of taking and recording that information.    

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Toilet Assistance

Bathrooms are a leading area for injuries and accidents from falls and hot water.   Our assistants are there to ensure both client safety and hygiene.  For some clients, bedside commodes are a part of normal life, as well as briefs and adult diapers.    We have developed specific protocols for hygiene and infection control, so you loved one is cared for with dignity and respect.  

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Companionship & life Participation 

True companionship involves people spending time together and enjoying conversations, watching TV or movies, listening to music, reading or simply sharing time together.


Our assistants are selected specifically for each client to build companionship and friendship.  Companionship is the building block for life participation.AYSHC clients are able to, health allowing, go to family gatherings, attend church and local events, continue with hobbies, visiting with friends.


AYSHC assistants are dressed and ready to have a comfortable day at home or to accompany a client to an event with the respect and dignity deserved.

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For clients in need of in-home care, it is imperative to maintain routine health checks and updates to avoid emergency room visits and/or readmission to the hospital.  AYSHC clients and their families have an assistant to take a client to appointments Most of our clients’ families are having to juggle multiple responsible and generations and aren’t able to take off work for a loved one’s appointment.  


AYSHC assistants take the schedule juggling off their hands, leaving family members and friends the ability to meet at the appointment site and return to work or other schedule demands, or, have the assistant handle the entire appointment and provide a detailed update.

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Grocery Shopping 

Our clients have several options when it comes to grocery shopping.  Our staff can take clients to the grocery store, go grocery shopping for them or even help with online grocery shopping for grocery pick up or delivery.    Our assistants have clean driving records and current auto insurance requirements according to state laws.  

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Often our clients need to run small errands such as a trip to the bank or post office, to pick up a birthday gift, a takeout meal from a local restaurant, delivering homemade cookies to a friend or just a drive on a beautiful day.   Our staff is happy to help take care of these details with the clients, allowing the loved ones more time to enjoy each other’s company.     With GPS tracking while on the clock, clean driving records and current auto insurance according to state law, a client and their family can trust that their loved one and errand are in capable, trusted hands.  

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Meal Preparation

Frozen meals and take out options don’t compare to a healthy delicious meal prepared at home.   The ritual of cooking meals and eating with those you care for is an important part of daily life.    Sharing family recipes, having hot soup and sandwiches on cold afternoons, those required snacks for game day or movies, even having afternoon tea, are all more enjoyable and within safe reach for our clients.


Our assistants are also trained to follow diet restrictions or nutritional needs as may be required for a client’s health and according to their doctor’s instruction

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Light Housekeeping

Many hands make light work.  Many of our clients want to continue living independently but need a hand to accomplish those daily light housekeeping task such as dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, folding laundry. 

Our assistants are there to help with daily chores that our clients do or need done to keep their home neat and tidy.  For clients who have more extensive projects such as moving furniture, steam cleaning carpets, or deep cleaning the house are best handled by experts, AYSHC has the ability to source these projects from independent companies known and trusted by AYSHC

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Home Health/Hospice Support 

While Home Health is most often a temporary service ordered by a client’s physician for specific care by skilled nurses, physical and/or occupational therapists for a period of time of rehabilitation, Hospice is most often ordered by a client’s physician in anticipation of the end of life.


In both cases, our assistants are trained and certified provide support and continuation of the care on a daily basis.


AYSHC works with the local Home Health and Hospice providers to ensure a Client’s health status is monitored according to the care plan.  With this cooperation in care, a change in a client’s health can be spotted early.

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In-Home Barber & Salon 

All clients still want and deserve to look and feel their best, regardless of whether they are able or want to leave their home.  We are able to bring a licensed and certified barber and salon service to them.  The feeling of being pampered goes a long way to improving everyone’s outlook.  A client’s limitations due to illness or injury make this experience even more important.

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