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Live Independently

Need light housework, meals or other chores taken care of so that you can continue to live independently, we are here to help.

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Recovery Help

While recovering from surgery, you might need a little more help around the house or transportation, our techs can help you and work within your needs.  

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Manage Health Issues

As you deal with long term health issues, let us fill in the gaps for you or your loved ones.  


About Us

At Your Service Home Care ensures the life you and your loved one enjoy continues with dignity and respect.


The philosophy of placing great value on the lifetimes spent, knowledge gained and wisdom available from the elders of a family is at the heart of our philosophy.


The word “elder” itself is a reference of respect, and worthy of advising.  The unfortunate circumstance of a person’s physical abilities should never overshadow this fact.   Our elders have lived, worked and experienced a lifetime of learning seldom found in books.


At Your Service Home Care staff and assistants are specifically selected through interviews to partner with our elders. Our assistant are trained in the At Your Service Home Care approach to client care with dignity, respect and service, as well as the needs of each specific family client.

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19 N. Harvin St.

Sumter SC 29150



F: 888.686.2571

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